Ticket Sales

If you wish to sell tickets for your event out of your office, then try Box Office Xpress Junior.

Developed by Corporate Consultants, this was the world's first Windows ticketing system and is, by far, the most user-friendly ticket software available. This feature-rich, economically priced, in-house ticketing system is ideal for smaller organizations who are looking to provide professional quality tickets for either reserved seating or general admission events.

Alternately, if you are looking to also sell tickets strictly online, be sure to check out the AdmiTix Internet Ticketing Centre. Designed for smaller organizations that only do one or a few events per year, this service is ideal, and won't cost you a penny.

Or, if you want a full blown system that does both in-house and real-time Internet ticketing, check out the larger Box Office Xpress program. Packed with features, but only charged per use so the cost is manageable and can be absorbed by your customers.